cactus and pine MEMBERSHIP CLASSES


Membership in Cactus and Pine is intended for persons participating directly in golf course management.

This applies to the Classifications:

Class AA - Life Members. Criteria includes being retired, over age 55, and has been a voting member 15 years, or a former Board member or a charter member.

Class A - Golf Course Superintendent with a minimum of 3 years experience as a Superintendent and employed as such.

Class B - Golf Course Superintendent with less than 3 years experience as a Superintendent and employed as such.

Class C - Assistant Golf Course Superintendent employed.

Class GE - General Employee of a Golf Course Superintendent.

Class Affiliate (AF) - Applicant is an owner, member, or employee of a business firm or governmental body interested in golf course management and/or in the growing or production of fine turfgrass, whether individually or employed by a company.

Honorary - Applicant is recognized annually by the Board of directors for contributing in an outstanding manner to the Association or profession.

Student - Applicant is a full time student enrolled in a formal course of education in Turfgrass Management or related course of study or has completed a their course of study less than one year prior to the date of application for membership.

Retired - Any Class A, Class B, Class C, or Affiliate Member reaching age 55 who is retired and no longer seeking employment within the scope of activities of any membership class of the Association.

Inactive - A member, by reason of unemployment, illness or other adverse circumstances, has been placed in this class upon their application.


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