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Cactus and Pine Statement on COVID-19

Dear Cactus & Pine Member,

In light of the emergence and growing concerns both nationally and locally about the spread of COVID-19, the Cactus & Pine GCSA had made the decision to postpone all scheduled events at this time. 

We take the health and well-being of our employees, members, families and community very seriously and your Board of Directors feels that these cancellations are the best course of action, at this time. Day-to-day operations of the Cactus and Pine GCSA will continue uninterrupted at this time and the levels of service and support that you are accustomed to are still available.

The Board of Directors does reserve the right to modify or suspend these operations in the best interests of the association. As the current circumstances regarding COVID-19 evolve and more information becomes available, we will keep you updated on the status of events.

Member safety is our first concern and we will remain vigilant of the situation while maintaining flexibility in our management of the association. We appreciate your understanding during these difficult times and please take precautions to protect the health of you and those around you.

Cactus & Pine GCSA Board of Directors

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Visit our COVID-19 RESOURCE page for relevant information from allied associations and other sources, including GCSAA, USGA, SW Section PGA, AZ Office of the Governor, OSHA, CDC, and others...

COVID-19 Resources

Today’s Golf Course Superintendent must be a Scientist, An Economist, a Business Manager, a Government Relations Liaison, a Personnel Manager and so much more! To help meet these challenges, the Golf Superintendent needs a strong, knowledgeable, active and professional Association. Beginning in the early 1950’s, the Cactus & Pine GCSA has grown from just a handful of intrepid innovators into a passionate association with over 550 Members.

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